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Stop thumbing through binders and papers, your experience is just as important as your time! Integrate the day-to-day critical operational and compliance functions with RFX’s software. Reduce task saturation, increase productivity, and provide a customizable and scalable experience for your team.

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Platform Features

Your work made easier...

Compliance logs, provider credentialing, contracts, agreements, staff records, procurement and inspections. All in one digitized, searchable, cloud-based platform.

Compliance Logs

Stay compliant and save precious time with a log’s dashboard at your fingertips that quickly shows you what's due, overdue, and upcoming. Easily scan in or complete daily, weekly, monthly even quarterly, and annual logs entirely on a mobile device using a QR code. Less paperwork and binders allow for safe and efficient organization of important regulatory monitoring.

Provider Credentialing

Reduce the complexity and compliance risk of managing provider credentialing by utilizing a digitized, streamlined, consistent and automated functionality. Stay up-to-date and current on credentialing and outstanding tasks by allowing the provider to directly upload into the portal for ease of management.

Contract Repository

Give team members the tools to deliver on tasks that often slip through the cracks. Our software helps you and your team stay on top of upcoming renewals, digitizing all vendor documents, and remaining in compliance, all while better controlling expenses.

Staff Records

Save valuable time with automated reminders to staff, providing the freedom to work more productively without sorting through spreadsheets or paper files. Manage compliance requirements, receive team-wide automated licensing and certification reminders, all while gaining peace of mind.

Automated Procurement

Unlock the power behind simplified vendor communication and quoting needs, automating your team’s requests for quotes through a streamlined interface with side-by-side views for ease of analysis.

Inspection Tracking

View, maintain, and manage real-time inspection records, making every action a data-driven action through automatic notifications for upcoming inspections.

How We Assist ASCs

Single Platform for Operations Management
Enhanced Operational Visibility
Streamlined Regulatory & Compliance
Improved Resource & Expense Utilization

Find efficiencies and transform your facility with RFX.

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RFX has truly been exactly what the name describes, Request For whatever you need. The software has proven to be an important part of effective and efficient management of our ambulatory surgery more

Kerri U.
ASC Quality Innovations, LLC

RFX has been an invaluable tool for maintaining contracts, employee files and staying compliant. The RFX team have exceeded my expectations of using a “one touch” system, where all correspondence with vendors is taken care of with a few clicks.