Unite your team around your patients,
not your documents.

We provide you with a single, searchable platform containing your documents that were previously buried in binders and folders. We make it easier for your team to manage compliance logs, provider credentialing, contracts, agreements, staff records, procurement and inspections. Our team becomes your team, so you can focus on what matters most, your people!

What can RFX do for you?

Compliance logs, contracts, agreements, staff records, provider credentialing, inspections, and procurement all in one digitized, searchable, cloud-based platform.


Work seamlessly as a team with system wide role-based access. Utilize simple workflows with unlimited storage, limitless users and scalability.

Survey Readiness

Achieve consistent survey readiness. Ensure up-to-date compliance logs, staff records, credentialing, and contracts with our simple to use intuitive tools.


Automatic notifications allow for timely alerts and reviews of logs, agreements, and documents. Providing better compliance, managed resources, and cost.


Eliminate spreadsheets, binders and shared folders, replacing them with a secure cloud-based repository.


Increase visibility into the analysis of critical business functions, decreasing risk while improving system-wide efficiency and compliance.


Improve facilitation of document collection through mobile or web app request to staff, providers & vendors.

How can we help your facility?

We get your documents in order so you can focus on your patients.

Providers' Credentialing Managed
Contracts & Agreements Made Transparent

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Your Documents Made Easy

We take on the heavy lifting so you don't have to

Task Saturation

An individual faced with the reality of having too much to do and not enough time, tools or resources to get any and all tasks accomplished.

Avoid being task saturated, speak with an expert.

RFX has truly been exactly what the name describes, Request For whatever you need. The software has proven to be an important part of effective and efficient management of our ambulatory surgery centers...read more

Kerri U.
ASC Quality Innovations, LLC

RFX has been an invaluable tool for maintaining contracts, employee files and staying compliant. The RFX team have exceeded my expectations of using a “one touch” system, where all correspondence with vendors is taken care of with a few clicks.