Streamlined Document Organization & Storage

Get organized and save time with RFX’s electronic binder feature, giving you searchable cloud storage for any document type. With our tool you can save time and organize your files the way you want with an intuitive interface and unlimited storage.

Product screenshot
Product screenshot

Building a Better Workflow

Customizable Tabs

Build out unique tabs for any category you can think of in electronic binders, ensuring this tool is customized for your use case and facility operations. Custom tabs keep staff members accountable for things they are responsible for and improve the efficiency of record keeping.

Date Tracking

Add date tracking to any stored document and set necessary reminders for check-ins, expiration dates, and more. Date tracking is an important component for record keeping, as it helps you stay compliant and have access to historical data. Simplify your operations with RFX.

Organization & Better Records

Accurate record keeping and organization are critical to healthy operations and can free up time for other important operational components. An organized surgery center can engage in more effective patient care and more easily implement improvement initiatives when organized.

Resource Management

Resource management is an important part of healthcare operations. In an industry that moves quickly and is ever-changing, you can rely on a solution like RFX to better allocate your time and resources. Store any document or important operations item in searchable electronic binders to improve efficiency and preparedness.

Gabriel Figueroa

The RFX platform has greatly enhanced our ability to manage essential documents and data and has become an integrated part of how we manage the center. RFX's ability to expand our bandwidth in numerous ways was something I didn't anticipate. We love the RFX team for always being super responsive and available to assist us with whatever questions and or education we need to continue to evolve its impact on our operations.

Gabriel Figueroa - Chief Operating Officer

Empire for Special Surgery & Manhattan Reproductive Surgery Center

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