Manage Your Credentialing Confidently

Our platform equips you with a simple, intuitive system for managing privileging of providers, quickly updating provider information, and remaining compliant. Easily request provider information with a click, get reminders for expiring credentials, stay prepared for surveys, and more!

Product screenshot
Product screenshot

Credentialing Simplified

RFX offers a unique, inclusive credentialing system that can speed up the credentialing process and ensure provider records are consistently accurate.

Single Source of Truth

Work seamlessly as a team with system-wide role-based access, allowing updates to all provider credentialing files and associated documents by delegated staff members. Access any credentialing file or document anywhere or at any time.

Automated Reminders

Stay compliant and avoid expiring provider documents using automated reminders and document requests sent directly to the providers or their delegate to ensure timely receipt.

Fillable Forms

Save time tracking down providers and waiting on paperwork by sending invitations for providers to complete applications and associated documents directly from the provider portal.

Boost Compliance

Increase compliance and decrease risks to providers and your facility by housing all credentialing documents in one place. Have oversight of initial privileging and reappointment, ensuring you don’t miss a deadline and stay survey ready.

Credentialing at Your Fingertips

  • Provider Portal

    Access digitized provider portals with ease, eliminating the need for paper copies by consolidating records into a searchable, cloud-based database.

  • Centralized Credentialing

    Beyond storing all of your credentialing information in one place, RFX’s platform can also increase the speed at which providers are credentialed, reducing staff hours spent on monotonous paperwork.

  • Mobile Accessibility

    Access the provider portal using any device or browser to improve your facilitation of document collection through easy mobile or web app requests to providers. Edit provider information in the system or request provider credentialing information with just a click.

  • User-Friendly Functionality

    Our platform allows you to conveniently edit and reorganize provider profiles so you can change specific requirements based on the provider, prioritize relevant information, and remove non-applicable items.

  • Secure Information

    RFX relies on encryption to ensure provider information is safe and unable to be accessed by third parties, so you can be confident about the security of your information.

Product screenshot
Dana Walker - Credentialing Specialist

If you are looking for credentialing software, then RFX is your solution. I credential for a pretty large group and RFX helps me to keep my providers compliant with regulatory requirements by tracking and managing the expiration dates of licenses, certifications, and other credentials. The customer service is top notch-they are responsive and friendly and always open to any ideas to help streamline the credentialing process. I have used RFX for just over a year now and it just keeps getting better.

Dana Walker - Credentialing Specialist


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