Frequently asked questions

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Who can benefit from using the RFX platform?
Any person within your organization who is involved in or with the process of managing compliance logs, contracts, agreements, staff records and certifications, provider credentialing, and inspections can benefit from using the RFX platform.
When do I learn how to use the RFX platform?
While our team of experts designed the platform to be straightforward, with each step or process being intuitive and instinctive, we do understand the desire for training. The RFX team will conduct a training workshop with your team during implementation, prior to go-live, in order to ensure each of you have the foundation needed to utilize the system.

In addition, your team will always have access to our team of experts and the Resource Library, a great tool for both new and seasoned users. It is our desire to provide you with more than simply tools and information, and instead help you gain a better understanding of the “why” behind these items. We also have an internal client success team for any and all questions that may pop up today or in the future.
Is my team responsible for any maintenance or updates to the platform?
When there are updates to the RFX platform and support or maintenance notifications, your team will automatically receive them. As part of our promise to our clients, we will always deliver these changes as seamlessly as possible. For any significant updates, the RFX team will notify your team in advance, via email, with any information needed to avoid any unnecessary surprises. As applicable, these notifications may include educational videos and available online training times to ensure team members are up-to-date and fully equipped to use any updates to the platform.
How do I submit a request for specific functionality or future development suggestions?
Our clients and their needs or suggestions are of utmost importance to our team and continued development. We encourage you to submit specific update or functionality requests, in fact, we appreciate and welcome your suggestions. All suggestions can be sent to your dedicated Experience Analyst or through the RFX Resource Library’s suggestion form.
What happens if I terminate my contract with RFX?
We understand the needs and functions of an organization can change. If you or your team member choose to terminate your contract with RFX, rest assured you own your documents. Upon termination of your contract, we will provide an extended period for you to access your records to provide a seamless transition but we cannot guarantee access to or continued storage of the files after this time period.
Can I import my previous supplier databases?
Your team can absolutely import any previous databases. RFX offers assistance with your Excel integration, which allows for easy importation of your past data with a few easy clicks.
Can I export data from the RFX platform?
Your data is your data and you are able to download all of your documents stored on the RFX platform. Additionally, yourself, or other team members, can run various reports with specific data to be pulled and exported into Excel.
How does the RFX team store and protect my data?
Security and protection of your business and team’s data is of the utmost importance to our team. All data is stored and protected through the Google Cloud Platform™. We utilize this as the central location for all databases, files and backups for RFX. For more information, please contact
Where does RFX Solutions store data?
The data is physically stored on Google Cloud Platform™, with multiple levels of redundancy.
Does our team need to download or install any other components to use the RFX platform?
We believe in simplicity. With that said, our platform is entirely cloud based, meaning there is no need for downloads, installations, etc., simply access the platform from any browser.
How does RFX perform at scale?
The RFX team has built our platform with scalability in mind. Our goal is to grow alongside your business while always delivering on the high-performance standards your team needs.
Are users authenticated?
The RFX platform uses a standard and secure login/password sign in process and provides various level of user permissions for continuous protected access.
What is RFX Solutions’ delivery architecture?
Our core delivery architecture is hosted on the Google Cloud Platform™. We have chosen this platform as it allows for the most stability and availability for all of our clients no matter the web browser chosen. In addition, utilizing Google Cloud allows our team to operate with scalability in mind, which we believe to be of paramount importance.
Where can I download the RFX mobile app?
To download the RFX app for an iPhone or iPad - Click Here

To download the RFX app for Android devices - Click Here

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