Effortless Compliance Log Tracking

Our software ensures compliance, improves efficiency, and creates a user-friendly dashboard for tracking tasks that are due, overdue, and upcoming. Easily access and complete logs using your mobile device or tablets, saving time, reducing paperwork, and efficiently monitoring regulatory compliance.

  • Central Sterile
  • Life Safety
  • Infection Control
  • Clinical Logs
  • And More
Product screenshot
Product screenshot

Compliance Logs Tailored to Your Facility Needs

Keep your compliance records and monitoring tools all in one place for ease of use and peace of mind. Our compliance logs are a user-friendly, customizable space for the things that matter most. Create custom logs that revolve around the processes your facility already has in place and make your workflows more efficient.


Built for your facility, our software is able to be customized by you, ensuring each module only contains categories you’ll really use and relevant information for your facility.

Expiration Date Tracking

Monitor all of your expiration dates for medication and supplies in a single intuitive dashboard, saving you time and ensuring patient safety and regulatory compliance are top-of-mind.

Digitized Logs

Seamlessly integrate our digital solution, giving you the power to simplify record keeping and maintain a searchable, cloud-based library of logs. Set deadlines with specific times to make sure you don’t miss a check.

Prioritize Patient Safety

Monitor compliance and mitigate risk with our comprehensive solution. You’ll have access to customizable logs and checklists designed with your use case in mind.

Optimized Workflows

Work smarter, not harder with a customized dashboard and action items. RFX can help you improve efficiency, automate compliance checks, and ensure survey readiness, all in one easy-to-use platform.

  • Reduce Risk

    Remove the headache of chasing down expired items or trying to remember what tasks need to be completed for compliance. You’ll improve the safety of your facility and easily manage risks to clients and providers.

  • Provide Better Care

    Leverage the RFX platform to enhance the patient experience and make patient care more efficient. When you save time by eliminating monotonous tasks and improving efficiency, you can dedicate more time to quality patient care.

  • Logs & Checklists

    Create custom workflows, including logs and checklists, designed to simplify your recurring tasks and make sure you don’t fall behind. The RFX platform easily integrates with what you’re already doing to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

  • Create Automated Tasks

    Set up automated tasks that fit your workflows, reducing latency time and improving operations so you can focus on what matters most.

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Kerri Ubaldi

RFX has truly been exactly what the name describes, Request For whatever you need. The software has proven to be an important part of effective and efficient management of our ambulatory surgery centers. The company has been extremely supportive in understanding the needs of the facility and how to implement the system with minimal impact on the time that the staff are required to put into implementation. I would highly recommend this product.

Kerri Ubaldi - RN, MBA, CPHRM

ASC Quality Innovations, LLC

Improve the efficiency of your facility with RFX.