An Enterprise-Level Software Solution Designed with Healthcare in Mind

RFX Solutions is your partner in regulatory compliance and operations, helping you transform the way you approach credentialing, compliance logs, staff records, contract management, and more.

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Transparent Scalability

We recognize the importance of having a solution that is scalable and integrates with current processes. RFX is the solution to outdated manual entries, the need for multiple platforms, and constant oversight from company leadership.

Managing numerous unique facilities can present unexpected challenges and complexities when it comes to managing healthcare compliance and operations. Our enterprise-level software was created to help identify and solve these challenges.

Team up with RFX Solutions to improve efficiency, align information across locations, and manage the unique requirements of healthcare compliance and credentialing.

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  • Standardization

    Establish uniform processes for provider credentialing, forms and compliance logs to ensure consistency no matter where the facility is located. RFX enables you and your team to transition from traditional paper records and binders to an organized and user-friendly electronic system.

  • Collaboration

    Simplify communication across groups by empowering leadership teams with seamless collaboration. With standardization and visibility at the core of our enterprise systems, RFX makes it easier to access the same information, eliminating the need to be in the same physical location. Leverage improved mentorship opportunities with the ability to guide compliance and operations remotely.

  • Visibility & Transparency

    RFX gives you unparalleled visibility into each facilities information, offering powerful enterprise dashboards that aggregate information, the ability to quickly drill down into a specific facility, and continuous access to critical information across the entire organization.

  • Reduced Risk

    RFX gives users the ability to stay on top of compliance issues, effectively mitigating compliance risk, allowing you to be better prepared for surveys, giving users real-time information, and keeping all stored information up to date. Further minimize risk with notifications and alerts compliance documents and logs. Our platform can also help preserve tribal knowledge as your facility experiences turnover, allowing the company to maintain compliance and operational functions oversight and consistency.

  • Cost Reduction

    The implementation of a comprehensive software like RFX gives way to strategic cost-saving measures across the entire enterprise. Our platform allows adoptees to remotely audit and monitor processes and documentation, improving efficiency and staff hours. You’ll also gain oversight to facility-level contracts and agreements, including renewal information, offering a complete financial picture with improved timelines for negotiations and management of expenses. The use of streamlined processes with the ability to remotely access can also dramatically reduce travel expenses associated with onsite documentation audits.

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