A Simplified Approach to Vendor Contracts & Agreements

Change up your workflows and free up time and space using RFX’s convenient platform to store all your contracts and vendor-specific documents in one easy-to-use, searchable location. Keep accurate digital contract documents with ease using RFX. Never miss a renewal or lose vendor information with our solution built for healthcare entities.

Product screenshot
Product screenshot

Helping You Manage, Track, and Automate

  • Critical Contract Documents at Your Fingertips

    Access RFX at any time from any device so you can feel confident that you always have access to any contract or document.

  • Notification for Expiring Contracts & Agreements

    Easily set notifications and receive custom reminders for any expiring document so you can track things like liability insurance and service agreements without stress.

  • No More Missed Renewals

    Leave forgetting about renewals or contract expirations in the past. With our platform, you’ll see all active, inactive, in progress, and future agreements and contracts, so you have oversights of all renewal dates, terms, and statuses in one simple dashboard.

  • Time to Negotiate

    Eliminate staff hours dedicated to filing paperwork and renewals by automating your processes and keeping digital records. With less time spent tracking down documents and doing physical paperwork, you’ll have more time to negotiate!

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Simplify Operations

We know how much paperwork it takes to run a facility. Simplify your operations with an all-in-one solution that stores any operations document, can request forms straight from the system, and can be accessed from any device.

Manage Expenses

Gain oversight into the financial impact of your contracts and agreements using our financial insights. RFX empowers practices to take control of their finances and puts all relevant contract expenses in one place for accessibility.

Critical Documents

Ensure your documents are always up-to-date and you are survey ready by storing everything from liability insurance information and service agreements in one convenient location.

Document Requests

Save time by requesting documents using RFX. Once a contract and its relevant contact information have been added to the system, you can request updates to documents, new forms, etc. with just a simple click, saving you time and streamlining workflows.

Lora Reed

RFX has allowed me to consolidate my vendor contracts, employee files and credentialing files into one easy to use platform. Not only is this convenient, RFX saves an incredible amount of time by avoiding shuffling papers. Keeping and storing all data in an electronic form has simplified the process internally for me and externally for my management team. Incorporating RFX is like pushing the easy button and is a great asset to the busy administrators record keeping tasks. I am eager to implement RFX logs to simplify the recording and storing of pertinent data within a busy ASC.

Lora Reed - RN, MSN

Administrative Director, Live Oak Surgery Center

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